How to Put Air in a Scooter Tire?

Scooters are incredible little machines best suited for short distance trips. Scooters allow you to move around easily in crowded places. These little machines are excellent if you have an emergency and need to get somewhere fast. Scooters save you money, time, and labor as well.

A kick scooter is very efficient to be used for travelling. Nowadays, kick scooters are a popular man-powered vehicle all over the world among all ages and genders. There is no need for much maintenance. Scooters are vehicles for grab-and-go situations. Moreover, it can also be used for many tricks. Because of this, it’s very useful from many different perspectives.

However, many scooter users have difficulty pumping or adding air to their scooter tires. Although not every scooter tire needs to be pumped. However, those that need pumping must undergo a process that is somewhat tricky, but not that much difficult.

Therefore, to clarify all the confusions, here we will discuss How to put air in a scooter tire. You will find this whole discussion very helpful.

Which type of scooter tires need air?

Generally, scooters are available either with solid rubber tires or inflatable tires. Solid rubber tires accelerate very quickly and are very swift. There is no need to pump air into them. This makes it more common to do tricks for beginners.

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On the other hand, inflatable tires make the scooter more comfortable for riding. These tires need air pumping and are larger in diameter. A proper air pressure must be maintained in these tires to enjoy a smooth ride. It is also important to maintain proper air pressure for preventing frequent flats. Scooters with inflatable tires are more preferred by regular riders.

Now that we know the different types of scooter tires, let’s focus on how to put air in a scooter tire.

How to put air in scooter tire?

Pumping electric scooters or kick scooters are like pumping bikes. Initially, airing up a scooter tire may seem a bit difficult. But, by following the below steps, you will figure out how to put air in a scooter tire.

scooter tires

But before going into the step-by-step process, you will be needing some tools such as pumper- either an electric or manual one, an air pressure gauge (index in PSI) and an align key or nozzle extender.

After that, you need to follow the below steps to pump air in scooter tire.

  • Step 1: Find the Location of Nozzle – The first important task is to locate the inflation nozzle on the tire you wish to inflate. Different types of nozzles can be found on scooters. However, majority of them come with the common one including a cap. The cap needs to be unscrewed to put the air in the tire.
  • Step 2: Connect the Air Pump to the Nozzle – Pumping air into the tire is accomplished by either using an electric air pump or a hand tire pump. Using an electric pumper, first connect it to electrical outlet and then connect it with both the tire nozzle and the pump nozzle. After that, push the lever on the pump and the nozzle will be locked in its place.
  • Step 3: Start Pumping – Now, Pump the tire until it is full, and the required pressure is achieved. It will be difficult to press the tire once it is full. Squeezing the tire with your finger will also help you determine whether the tire is fine.
  • Step 4: Put the Cap Back in Place – After you have inflated the tire, you can replace the cap. Make sure that the cap is properly tightened, so that no air escapes the tire.

This is the way to put air in most of the scooter tires. If the diameter of the tire is small, it will be difficult to fit the pump in the nozzle of tire. For that, a nozzle extension can be used to reach the tire comfortably. In addition to the nozzle wheels, a nylon extension can also be used. Pumping smaller scooter wheels generally doesn’t take a lot of time. It can be filled with just a few pushes.

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Tip – If you still have any difficulty with putting air in scooter tires, watch this video:

Video Credit: AYAT’S Shows

Recommended air pressure for scooters

As discussed before, If the scooter arrives with solid rubber tires, you don’t need to pump air in the tires. However, it is essential to regularly check the inflated tires and maintain a proper air pressure for smooth ride.

 Read the instruction manual that comes with the scooter, you will find the necessary information on how to inflate the tires and what pressure should be maintained. You need to check the tire itself if you purchased a secondhand scooter or don’t have access to the instruction manual.

On some tires, the recommended air pressure is mentioned. Th mentioned air pressure is usually in PSI (Pressure per Square inch). You can use a pressure gauge to ensure the correct pumping pressure.


Scooters come in various types, each with its own characteristics. Its always your choice to choose a scooter. Scooters with inflatable tires should be your choice if your top and major priority is comfort and regular usage. Inflatable tire scooters are preferred by most scooter riders as they are smoother. However, if the tires are not properly maintained, they can become flat at any time. Especially, it is very important that tires are inflated regularly and as soon as possible to prevent any kind of trouble.

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Our focus in this article was how to put air in a scooter tire. Hopefully, if you follow the steps above, you won’t have a problem putting air in your scooter tire.

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