Is Riding a Kick Scooter Good Exercise?

People who lead an active lifestyle are in better health. Our actions have a dramatic impact on our health. Nonetheless, life often gets in the way, and we are unable to exercise outdoors or at the gym. As a result, we don’t exercise regularly.

However, by using a kick scooter for transportation, you can have fun and exercise at the same time. When you use a kick scooter regularly, you can get an effective, impactful activity that engages all abdominal and leg muscles simultaneously. You can also burn calories by climbing hills on a kick scooter at a brisk pace.

It takes a lot of work to get in great shape. So, if you’re facing the same problem and are wondering: Is Riding a Kick Scooter Good Exercise? Then don’t worry, you’re on the right spot. This article will give you details on how kick scooters make for terrific exercise. Read on to find out more.

How kick scooters are a terrific way to exercise?

The following are reasons why you should choose a kick scooter for exercise benefits:

Is Riding a Kick Scooter Good Exercise?

Kick Scooter will help you burn calories

Exercises such as kick scooting do not aggravate your heart. Kick scooting keeps your heart rate between 60 and 70%. In experts’ opinion, at this rate, we start burning fat for metabolic purposes.

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Furthermore, a one-minute kick scooter ride at 18 mph will burn 0.76 calories per kilogram of weight. But if you cycle at this speed range (18 mph), you’d burn 0.46 calories per kilogram, so kick scooting would burn more calories.

A study mentioned previously found that kick scooting burns 300 calories in an hour. And if you maintain a speed of 12 km/h, you can burn 480 calories in an hour. Hence, kick scooting burns calories.

Kick scooting fully engages your body muscles

When you kick, you perform two actions. First, you bend your standing leg to begin the kick. As a result, your quadriceps, glutes, and core muscles get stretched. At the same time, the kick leg moves forward and backward, releasing the hip flexor and the hamstring.

Second, you use your glutes, hamstrings, and lower leg. Scooting is therefore better for the glutes, hamstrings, and lower legs than cycling.

Moreover, you also use the muscles in your calves, soleus, and feet when you scoot. In standing, you engage your core at all times, as the pressure extends to your glutes and up.

The soleus muscle and the gluteus muscle are particularly hard to stretch and train. Neither of these muscles are targeted by any other sport. Scooting is a great way to exercise these muscles.

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It is better to kick scoot than cycle or jog

Kick-scooting has become a popular way for fitness enthusiasts to stay in shape. Compared to cycling or jogging, it is reported to be better for the human body. It has been hailed as an excellent way to lose weight and exercise because scooter workouts target most of your muscles, such as your calves, abdomen, thighs, and buttocks.

As well, driving a kick scooter is less stressful on your joints because there are no jarring movements. Jogging may negatively affect your back and joints because of the constant shocks that you receive. And while cycling, you only utilize the lower half of your body, whereas the upper part of your body becomes sore, causing backaches. Thus, kick scooting is a much more effective activity for many parts of your body.

It stretches and strengthens your lower body muscles, as well as your belly and back muscles. Hence, using a kick scooter is much more convenient and enjoyable.

Kick scootering on an empty stomach

A kick scooter is more likely to help you lose weight if you ride it on an empty stomach. It has been proven that if you kick scoot for about 30 minutes before having your morning meal, you can lose more weight than any other time of the day.

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Thus, the best thing you can do for your health without doing gym exercise is to ride your kick scooter in the morning and enjoy the fresh air. And then eat a healthy breakfast once you get inside, and you will have plenty of energy for the rest of the day.

Not Sitting, but Standing

It is extremely important to engage in sports that do not require sitting for an active lifestyle. Because an excessive amount of sitting is bad for your core. When you sit for a lot of time at work, you need to be strong at the core.

Over the course of the day, many of us slump over a computer screen or workstation for much of the time; and we spend more time flexing our bodies and feeling pain. In addition, you become overweight simply by sitting too much and not going to the gym. However, when you scoot on a kick scooter, you have the added benefit of staying upright with your shoulders back, retaining your core as you do so. This makes it a comprehensive lower body workout.


Kick scooters are so convenient that it makes no sense not to use them. In addition to being fun and making commutes easier, a kick scooter will help you do a good amount of exercise. Further, you will experience many health advantages from riding your kick scooter daily. When regular exercise hasn’t worked for you, it’s an excellent solution.

The complete guide is about “Is riding a kick scooter good exercise” that explains how a kick scooter helps you with exercise. Be sure to read the article and share it if it is useful to you.

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