Can Short People Ride Pro Scooters?

What if I told you you’re not too short to ride any scooter you want?

How is it that, currently, when so much has been learned and accomplished, we still wonder if we can accomplish certain goals?

A short person’s ability to ride a scooter is, really, the least of our worries now that technology has allowed us to go to the moon and other planets.

Yet, one could wonder what kinds of scooters short people can ride and where they might locate scooters that are most suited to their height.

But why ride a pro scooter in the first place?

When traveling to and from your workplace nearby, Pro scooters are cheap, efficient, and a great option for daily commuting. Like the kick scooters many of us rode as kids, today’s stand-up, folding scooters are a fun way to get around town. And they are so much more exciting.

These scooters have a standing riding position and two in-line wheels for speed, mobility, and compactness. These scooters are at the vanguard of a new era which has just started, so fasten your seatbelts! (while we wear our helmets and go on riding these awesome pro scooters).

Because riders of all ages, sizes, and abilities can enjoy riding these scooters, nobody ever has to miss out on the fun.

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There are various reasons why pro scooters have become so popular. Scooters have become a part of this generation’s culture 18 years after the introduction of the first Razor, with the same rebellious and revolutionary vibe as skateboarding.

Although many scooter riders claim that scooters have surpassed skateboarding in popularity. The lightweight construction of a pro scooter makes it more aerodynamic than a regular scooter, making difficult tricks much simpler.

One major reason that it’s so popular is that most scooters now available cater to all sexes. In addition, no other vehicle in its price range can compete with a pro scooter’s versatility and ease of use.

Now that we’ve established that short people are capable of riding scooters, we can move onto the next question’s answer, which is to provide recommendations for scooters that are designed so that you won’t have to sacrifice any other features or benefits in exchange for your shorter stature.

Customers today use a variety of criteria to narrow down their options while shopping for scooters.

Some Ideal Choices

Any APOLLO Pro Scooters are our ideal choice. The Ideal Zero 10/Apollo Explore is perfect for short people with support for rider heights up to 5 feet; however, a foot shorter riders can also use it as easily. Another choice is the Zero 8/FFH and zero 9/Apollo City have low-adjustable handlebars.

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Scooters that are of an Asian brand are also good for short people because they are made for Asian consumers and short-statured people.

There are other well-known brands like Segway, VOKUL, Fuzion, Arcade, etc.

Keep in mind that before buying a scooter, make sure the handlebars are adjustable such that it suits your height. You can refer to various size charts.

Be on a look out for our Top Pro scooters guide to find out more.

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