Fastest Electric Scooters Under $500 and $1000

Choosing the best and fastest electric scooters under $500 and $100 is not an easy task because there are tons of electric scooters in the market as there has been a lot of technological advancements being made in scooters in the past years. There are dozens of models offered by various companies and each of them specializes in its own respective way. This makes it harder than ever to search for the best scooter under a certain price range.

If you are facing the same problem, you have come to the right place! Here in this article, I will be taking you through some of the best and fastest electric scooters under $500 and $1000. So, without any further ado, let’s get straight into the list!

Here is the list of best Fastest Electric Scooters Under $500 and $1000:

Reviewing Fastest Electric Scooters Under $500 and $1000

Razor E300

The Razor E300 is an electric scooter with a powerful motor and awesome extra features. This scooter is powered by a 250W motor which is the best choice for lighter-weight riders. This high-torque, single-speed, chain-driven motor delivers electrifying fun at a maximum speed of 15 miles per hour due to its high performance. It also includes a variable speed acceleration and a twist-grip throttle.

Moreover, the 24V sealed lead-acid rechargeable battery system allows you to ride for up to 40 minutes, covering plenty of distance with only a single-time charge. With a quick recharge time, this electric scooter offers you big-time thrills and enthusiasm.

Furthermore, the Razor E300 Electric Scooter is overall made of alloy steel which provides much more durability and does not fatigue. It also includes rubber wheels which provide better traction even on wet roads. The additional features of the two-wheeled scooter include soft rubber grips on the handlebars for better control of the scooter.

More so, the twist acceleration control is present to accelerate the scooter easily. For a safe and secure ride, the Razor E300 scooter includes a hand-operated caliper front braking system and rear braking system. The retractable kickstand of the Razor Scooter allows you to park your scooter anywhere without any falls.

In addition to that, this steel-framed Razor Scooter offers a comfortable ride, even on rugged landscapes. The maximum weight capacity of this scooter is 220lbs which makes it suitable for both teens and adults. Featuring a super-size deck, this scooter is ready to roll and cruise around the town!

Why Should You Buy It?

The Razor E300 Electric Scooter is a great scooter with great tires. This scooter allows you to ride smoothly with better traction on bumpy terrains without any decrease in the speed scooter.

  • Alloy steel frame material
  • Rubber tires with better traction
  • Hand-operated front brake and rear brake
  • Retractable kickstand
  • Super-size deck
  • Maximum weight capacity of 220lbs
  • Rubber grips
  • 250W motor
  • 14V rechargeable battery
  • Maximum speeds up to 15mph
  • This scooter is not waterproof

Segway Ninebot ES2

The Segway Ninebot ES2 is an electric scooter with a powerful motor of 300W which provides a maximum speed of 15 miles per hour. It determines acceleration, hill-climbing ability, and power consumption. With the accommodation maximum load of 220lbs, the Segway ES2 Kick Scooter can travel up to 15 miles.

Moreover, its Smart Battery Management System ensures battery safety and extends the battery lifetime by smartly monitoring the battery cells. The best part is that the Segway Ninebot ES2 Scooter has its own mobile app making it easy for you to manage your rides at any time and any instance.

The Segway Ninebot ES2 Electric Scooter is easily foldable and can be carried single-handedly as it weighs 27.6 pounds. Due to its lightweight and small structure after folding, you can comfortably store this scooter in the trunk of your car so you can carry it anywhere with yourself.

Furthermore, the dual suspension system of this scooter maximizes the riding stability of the scooter. It rides smoothly on bumps and absorbs the shock for a fun and stable riding experience. This Electrical scooter includes superior technology like LED and Bluetooth connections with your mobile phone or any other device.

Why Should You Buy?

The Segway Ninebot ES2 Electric Scooter is an amazing scooter for adults. Its specification caters to commuters and recreational riders looking for a boost. The mobile app connectivity ensures additional security and fun.

  • 300W brushless motor
  • a maximum speed of 15 mph
  • Can accommodate up to 220lbs
  • Smart Battery Management System
  • Foldable and portable
  • Dual suspension system
  • Shock absorber
  • Has its own mobile app
  • Includes superior technology
  • Customers claim to have this scooter a little heavy to carry around

Hiboy S2 Pro Electric Scooter

The Hiboy S2 Pro Electric Scooter is an amazing electric scooter for improving the commuting experience. This electric scooter includes a 500-Watt electric brushless motor that allows you to speed up the scooter to up to 19 miles per hour. This scooter has a 40 knots 36V/11.6AH high-capacity battery.

With a maximum travel range of up to 25 miles, this scooter has a max weight capacity of around 220 pounds. This scooter can do a much better job of powering light riders to the summit.

Moreover, the Hiboy S2 Pro Electric Scooter uses a rubber material for both the front and the rear wheels that provide a better grip for smooth rides on uneven surfaces. These front and rear rubber wheels are equipped with ten-inch solid tires so you can ride without worrying about them being damaged. The Hiboy S2 Pro Electric Scooter can for folded so that it can be stored in car trunks or other compact spaces easily. A comfortable detachable seat is also present.

In addition to that, you can also activate or close the Cruise Control with only a three-click. All you have to do is to hold the throttle for 5 seconds to turn on the cruise control. After two beeps, the scooter will maintain its current speed.

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Furthermore, this scooter also has a bright headlight that can shine your way for as far as 15 meters to ensure your safety. Now you can safely ride at night with taillights, headlights, and sidelights. The safety features of this scooter also include a double braking system: disc braking and regenerative anti-lock braking, both of which deliver outstanding performance to grant you complete control of the electric scooter.

Why Should You Buy It?

You can’t deny that the HiboyS2 Pro Electric Scooter is awesome to get around to cruise. This scooter includes cool features with a stylish design for adults. Apart from its great motor and high speed, this scooter also includes safety features.

  • 500W brushless hub motor
  • Speed up to 19mph
  • High-capacity battery
  • Front and rear 10-inch solid rubber tires
  • Dual rear shock absorber
  • Comfortable detachable seat
  • Cruise control
  • Features brilliant lights system
  • Double braking system
  • The scooter stem hook is not deep enough

Hurtle Electric Scooter

The Hurtle Electric Scooter is a unique scooter that allows you to get out there and see the city from a different perspective. With a high-performance 300-Watt motor designed for durability, this scooter ranges from up to 12-18 miles depending on the load. It travels at a maximum speed of 19.2 miles per hour. This scooter also has long battery life. It takes 4-6 hours to charge this scooter. Then you can ride this scooter along with a maximum weight capacity of 264 pounds. It tackles a 15-degree steep hill with ease.

On top of that, the Hurtle Electric Scooter also features rear disc brakes and a front anti-lock brake which effectively prevent accidents. Featuring hand-activated brakes, the Hurtle Electric Scooter allows you to control it easier to minimize any chances of mishaps.

Additionally, this scooter also includes eight and a half-inch anti-flat pneumatic tires that ensure long-term durability. These abrasion-resistant and shock-absorbed tires guarantee the stability of the vehicle and provide a good grip. Featuring solid rubber tires, this scooter ensures easy passage through uneven terrains. Amazingly, this scooter also includes a 3/triple gear speed mode and cruise control.

Furthermore, the scooter stand allows you to park your scooter anywhere with ease. Whether you go to your office, school, park, or any coffee shop, you can simply park your scooter without worrying about its fall. This scooter also features dual headlights which provide a wide range at night. The rear fender light as a functioning brake light and cruise control indicator provide additional safety. Also, this Hurtle Electric Scooter features an LED that indicates the pace of the scooter, the speed mode, and the battery charge remaining so that you can keep track of them all.

Why Should You Buy It?

The Hurtle Electric Scooter is a scooter that is built to handle large weights with higher speeds. Going to an office, school, any park, or coffee shop is made easier with this foldable scooter.

  • 300W motor
  • Travels at a maximum speed of 19.2mph
  • Long battery life
  • Maximum weight capacity of 264lbs
  • Rear disk brake and front anti-lock brake
  • 8.5-inch pneumatic tires
  • Triple gear speed mode
  • Includes scooter stand
  • Dual headlights
  • Features LED display
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  • Not particularly known for being lightweight

Hover-1 Alpha Electric Scooter

Whether you are commuting or just having fun around, this scooter is reliable and gives you an enjoyable experience. The Hover-1 Alpha Electric Scooter has a 450-Watt brushless motor that allows you to ride smoothly, even on uneven slopes at an angle of up to 15 degrees. This motor allows the scooter to reach a top pace of 19 miles per hour. It also provides ample speed on demand and goes calmly on uneven terrains without any decrease in its speed.

The 16V lithium-ion battery takes 5 hours to get fully charged. You can ride this scooter for two and a half miles after charging the scooter for only one hour. You can cover a distance of 12 miles on a fully charged scooter with a maximum load of 264 pounds. Its maximum weight capacity allows adults to have a comfortable ride. The high-quality 10-inch pneumatic tires offer a contoured grip with a fun and enthusiastic journey. The amazing features of the Hover-1 Alpha Electric Scooter make it thrilling to ride.

Moreover, with a weight of 34.4 pounds and a one-step folding system, you can easily carry and store this scooter anywhere. To ensure a relaxing experience on longer travels, this electric scooter features an in-built cruise control helps. This feature maintains the constant pace of the scooter so that you do not have to worry much about its pace. All you have to do is to press the throttle 2 times to activate the cruise control for a safe and pleasant ride.

In addition to that, the Hover-1 Alpha Electric Scooter takes security very seriously. This is why this scooter includes all the security features for one’s safe ride. The LED taillight ensures security during low-visibility conditions. Also, the electric throttle allows you to have effortless rides on flat terrains. More so, the disc brakes perform a safe halt, keeping the scooter.

Furthermore, the Hover-1 Alpha Electric Scooter comes with an LCD. This features a high-pace mode and the current charging status of the battery, making it easy for you to keep track of them.

Why Should You Buy It?

The Hover-1 Alpha Electric Scooter is a stylish scooter that allows you to ride with confidence with its safety features. It also helps you to control your scooter effortlessly.

  • 450W brushless motor
  • A maximum speed of 19 mph
  • 16V lithium-ion battery
  • Covers a distance of 12 miles when fully charged
  • 10-inch-high quality pneumatic tires
  • Easy foldable and portable
  • In-built cruise control
  • Includes security features
  • Includes LCD display
  • It may have a strange clicking sound in the front or the rear tire.


After reading this article , I am sure you will have chosen a best and Fastest Electric Scooters Under $500 and $1000 for yourself. I made sure to include a variety of electric scooters, each one specializing in its own way. Note that all of the above-mentioned scooters are absolutely top-notch, and I am sure you will love them too. Still, if you find yourself trapped in a dilemma, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll be there to help you. Lastly, we would love to hear more from you about your experience with scooters!

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