How to Lock an Electric Scooter?

Getting around is easiest with scooters, but some people prefer kick scooters, while others prefer electric scooters. But for this tutorial, I’m going to discuss an electric scooter. No matter what scooter you have, you need to keep it secure whether you leave it outside a store for a few minutes or keep it outside your home.

However, your electric scooter just arrived, but you’re now concerned: How can I avoid having it stolen? And how can I keep it secure?

Let me tell you, an E-scooter lock will help prevent your scooter from being stolen. It is very important that you lock your e-scooter to prevent thieves from accessing it. If you use the right and most secure lock for your e-scooter, you will never have to worry about it being stolen. By now you understand that your scooter needs to be protected by a lock, but you are not sure how to attach a lock to it.

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Thus, to assist you in finding out the best techniques for locking your electric scooter and what kind of lock is right for you, here is a comprehensive guide on how to lock an electric scooter. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Electric scooter lock-up instructions

To prevent your e-scooter from getting lost, You must Know “How to Lock your Electric Scooter“? For that, need to complete the following steps.

Step 1: Purchase an appropriate lock

It is important to use a lock that is chosen according to the size and strength of your electric scooter. For example, you will have to measure the locking area and then match the lock to it. You should purchase a larger and stronger lock if your scooter is built tougher and harder so that it will fit perfectly.

Step 2: Secure your e-scooter firmly

The next thing you need to do is locate a secure and safe place where you can easily fix your E-scooter after you have purchased the lock. If you lock your scooter on a metal fence, however, you might make a mistake. From here it can be cut easily, and the thief will easily take it. Moreover, make sure you park your e-scooter in a public area so that if a thief tries to steal it, other people will notice it, making it difficult for the thief to escape.

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Step 3: Lock on the right point

It is a very essential step to fix the lock at the correct location on the e-scooter, meaning through the carrying handle, around the stem and on the folding mechanism are the best places to fix the lock. But do not lock through the handlebars, wheels, or fenders.  

Step 4: Proper covering

Keeping your electric scooter covered will ensure its safety. For those who plan to park the scooter for a while, this step is optional. But you should cover your scooter properly if you plan to park it outside for a long time, such as if you want to leave it outside overnight, as this will make your scooter less enticing to thieves.

Step 5: Add heavy objects

Lastly, place some heavy things on the scooter or around it so that it can’t be easily moved. However, because crooks seek out lightweight objects that are easy to steal, the last procedure will make it difficult for them to move the heavy scooter.

Types of locks for electric scooters

1. Chain locks

Chain locks are the most suitable lock type for E-scooters since they are the most secure locks. The chain locks are composed of two parts: the chain itself, and the padlock. As chains are typically bigger and heavier, you will benefit from this when you need a lock that is hard and flexible.

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2. Cuff locks

Like cuffs, these locks are less common than chain or U-shaped locks. It has the advantage that many thieves are not familiar with these, therefore, they won’t understand how to open it. They are tougher and more flexible than U-shaped locks.

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3. Ring locks

If you have an electric scooter with open spoked wheels, you can use a ring lock (Disc Brake Lock). They are designed with a hardened ring of steel and a cable in the center. In the locked state, the cable wraps around the rim of the wheel and prevents it from rotating. The ring locks offer a better level of security.

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4. U-shaped locks

The U-shaped locks require a special mechanism to cut them off, and either power tools or huge bolt cutters are needed. The shackles are made from hardened steel, making them extremely durable. Due to their shape, they will therefore be quite heavy, but many will still be relatively easy to handle. U-locks are usually one-piece locks, and they are large enough to protect most scooters.

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There is no doubt that you now know everything you need to know about how to lock an electric scooter. Our article also discusses some of the best locks so you can protect your electric scooter against thieves by purchasing one. Thieves today are always looking for new ways to steal something. With the right sort of lock, you can easily secure your e-scooter.

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