How to Teach a Child to Ride a Scooter?

Scooters are always favorite among children, but the issue is that parents buy a scooter for their kids without teaching them how to ride it. In any case, you shouldn’t purchase a scooter before your child learns to ride it because it is not safe.

Keeping in mind that scooters are not just toys but vehicles, so you have to be vigilant all the time because it is the number one concern for you to teach your child the safe use of anything, let alone a vehicle on which he can standoff and go fast.

Moreover, the first thing a child fantasizes about is to balance on a scooter without anyone’s assistance. Many kids go to the hospital for scooter injuries each year because they are unstable during the ride.

Therefore it is crucial to teach your child about scooter riding, and once your child has gained experience riding a scooter, they will enjoy it more. Also, scooters are easier to operate than bicycles, so you probably won’t have any problems while teaching.


Before going into How to teach a child to ride a scooter, the first thing that is very important before riding a scooter is safety equipment. Your child must have all the safety kits, including helmets and pads.

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How to teach a child to ride a scooter

Here are some simple steps for teaching your child how to ride a scooter.

1. Basics first

Your first step after buying a scooter is to show it to your kid and teach them about the basics of scooter and how to use it. Before your kid goes anywhere on it, you should teach them to hold the handlebar, stand on the scooter, and drive it. Tell them how each scooter component works and what purpose it serves.

2. Show them how to ride

Secondly, you can teach him scooter driving if you drive the scooter in front of him. It will help him learn much faster if you do it first. Please make sure the scooter is strong enough to handle your weight and then move it a little.

3. Start indoors

The next step is to show your little one how to get on the scooter and ask him to practice, but this should be done indoors and in the carpeted area.

Practicing indoors makes your child feel comfy because, for the first time, he may feel discomfited outside. Furthermore, riding a scooter on carpets is safe since outdoor areas are more prone to injury.

Ride your child on the scooter and push him around with your hands, clarifying that it is not dangerous and that you will not fall. This will boost their confidence and enthusiasm to ride the scooter.

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4. Time to practice outdoor

After a few days of indoor practice, now is the time to take your child outside for more exercise as it will not make him bored.

When choosing a place in the open air, you should select a smooth, flat surface. Places like parks and playgrounds often have soft and spongy grounds.

This type of place helps the child ride with no trouble, plus riding on the smooth areas also reduces the probability of injury in case of a fall.

5. Tell them to start gradually

Kids have endless energy and always want to go as fast as possible, but don’t let them go too fast and tell them it’s unsafe for them.

Also, they don’t have to go too far on the very first try; instead, moving just a few inches at a time is ideal for them.

Let them know that if they do something swiftly, such as turning, accelerating, braking, or tilting the scooter to the side, it can cause an accident.

6. Teach them how to maintain balance

If your child rides a bike without training wheels, they will automatically learn to balance the scooter. But if he can’t do that, then it’s your job to teach him how to balance on a scooter.

You should show them a proper way to balance the scooter, demonstrate how they can keep one foot on the ground to support themselves if they start to fall, and how to hold the handlebars and move the scooter forward without any help.

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Remember that you should always be with your child throughout the entire teaching process.

7. Teach them how to change direction

Changing directions is one of the crucial things to learn before riding. This step can be illustrated by showing the kid how the handlebars move and quickly change direction. Your kid will learn fast when he sees the whole procedure in action.

8. Make them learn how to brake

Most scooters are equipped with brakes. Your child may also have brakes on the scooter, so be sure to explain how they work.

9. Use a leash

You have to bend a lot to teach your child how to ride a scooter, and you may have to hold and pull the scooter with the handlebar, which can cause back pain. 

However, you can quickly get rid of that back pain by using the straps. You can use leashes to pull your child’s scooter even while they are standing upon it.

Additionally, straps are helpful when your child rides very slowly, and you need to reach a destination immediately. By attaching them, you can pull them at the desired speed.

10. Ride with them

Finally, you can also ride with them; you can do this on your bike, but they will be happier if you ride a scooter with them. You can walk side by side with your kid, which will boost his confidence, and he will forget the fear of meeting new people. Instead, he’ll realize that scooters are the best way to meet new friends.

Our focus in this article was How to teach a child to ride a scooter. I hope this article is helpful to you. Now is the time to have fun with your child. Let us know your thoughts if you liked the article.

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