Which Foot Do You Push on a Scooter?

You probably already know how to ride a bike. But have you ever ridden a scooter? It’s very similar but instead of straddling the bike with two feet on the ground, YOU stand up on the scooter and use one foot for balance while pushing off with another! That’s all there is to it.

The primary thing that needs your attention is the method how you are going to push yourself. Depending on which part of the foot do you use for pushing off, there are two ways how to operate the scooter properly. If you choose your right foot as your leading one, make sure that this foot faces forward while your other leg functions well in balancing yourself out. On the other hand, if you choose your left foot as the one how you would use for pushing off, make sure that this is not facing forward. Instead of it, place it right next to the opposite edge of how your leading leg faces. Repeat this process until you can ride smoothly without having any problems with how your legs are positioned.

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However, there is one additional detail – how to push off. Most kids like to stand on the scooter with both feet facing forward. This means they can easily push off with their dominant foot (the one they use in everyday walking). If you prefer to stand this way too, good for you! It’s very comfortable when you’re not riding very fast.

How to Push on a Kick Scooter-Basics

First, start by standing on the scooter about a foot away from the handlebars. Make sure your toes are pointing straight forward and not inward or outward.

Keeping your weight at about 2/3rds of your body on the balls of your feet, bend your knees to lower yourself down onto the seat of the scooter. 

Once you’re situated firmly into place, take one foot off and push with it as you kick back with your other leg. If you want to stop before coming to a complete stop, simply bring one foot up and balance on top of the scooter as you come to a slow halt!

Push on a Kick Scooter-Basics

How You Know Which is Your Dominant foot?

Well, the best way to find that out is by doing a quick test. Which foot can you stand on and still be balanced? That is most likely your dominant foot. This is a helpful tip for those of you who want to learn how to push off on a scooter quickly!

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Can You Alternate the foot you use to push a scooter?

Imagine you are riding a scooter. Can you alternate the foot that you use to push on the ground while riding a scooter? The answer is Yes, but if you want to take your ride seriously. It doesn’t really matter all that much because there is no significant advantage to using only one leg over alternating between them both. What’s important about riding a scooter is how smooth and steady your ride is, not whether you’re pushing off with your left or right foot. Use whichever foot feels more comfortable for you! Either way, it doesn’t really matter all that much.

There are lots of things in life where some people have preferences about which hand, they use or which foot they use first. Even though it’s really a matter of personal preference, there are some things that you’ll be better at if you choose one hand or foot to use.

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How to Push When Scooting Uphill?

Scooting uphill on a scooter is more difficult than going down. The rider must use more effort to get the scooter up a hill than to go down it. How do you push on a scooter if you go uphill?

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To go uphill on a scooter, lean forward and apply more pressure to the front-wheels of the scooter with your toes. How much pressure depends greatly on how steep of an incline you’re climbing. Just remember: Apply more pressure when going uphill and less while going downhill! Also, encourage children riding uphill to hold onto their backpacks or some other item that can help them stay steady and upright while they figure out how much pressure is needed to keep moving upwards.

You can also watch this short video to find out how to push off, accelerate and switch feet.

Video Credit: Sikana English


We all know that people are right or left-handed, but did you know there is some debate about which foot they should push on a scooter? One side of the argument says your dominant foot should be in front and another argues for whichever feels more natural. But what if it’s not one of these feet at all? What if both sides are wrong because an individual’s motor skills can change over time? It is best to get on a scooter and experiment with which foot you want to push off. It will take some time getting used to but eventually your body will figure out what feels most natural for you.  

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